Water Jetting - Humboldt County

Water Jetting

Water jetting can propel water at up to 4000 PSI, clearing debris and buildup from your lines, removing grease, hair clogs, mineral deposits, and the other problems that can clog your pipes. Break up sludge and debris, pulverize roots, and flush out your system. This efficient, economical, and environmentally safe way to clean sewer and drain pipes can also be used as a regular maintenance tool, preventing expensive repair issues and lost productivity.

Why Does Water Jetting Work Better?

Classic methods of breaking through clogs only attack the weakest point of the clog, re-establishing drain flow but allowing the build up to remain. If you’re tired of running a snake or pouring chemicals down a drain only to have it back up again in a month, it might be time to give our heavy duty water jetting system a try.

Water jetting effectively cleans the whole pipe, pushing out hard chemical build up, hair, and grease. Instead of attacking the weakest point, it clears sludge and debris from the entire line, saving you headaches in the future. Restaurants and other commercial establishments can strongly benefit from regular water jet maintenance, keeping the drains running smoothly and preventing costly downtime. We can help your business to set a regular water jet schedule to help prevent plumbing problems before they happen, and to keep your business running cleanly and efficiently.